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Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the longest suspension bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge spans the entrance into San Francisco Bay and connects northern California to the peninsula of San Francisco. Designed by Joseph B. Strauss, it was opened to traffic on May 27, 1937, at a total cost of $35 million.

The official color of the bridge is International Safety Orange. It was chosen because it makes the bridge clearly visible, even during bad weather.


Total Length (including approaches) 8,981 feet (1.7 miles)

Length of Main Suspension Span (between the towers) 4,200 ft

Total Width 90 ft

Width of Roadway Between Curbs 62 feet

Clearance Above Mean High Water Level 220 feet

Height of Towers Above Water 746 feet

Diameter of Each Main Cable (with wrapping) 36-3/8 in

Total Length of Wire Used in Both Main Cables 80,000 mi

Official Golden Gate Bridge Website

Joseph B. Strauss

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