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Hospitals in 1958

The number of hospitals in the United States listed by the American Hospital Association in 1958 totaled 6,818, a decrease from the 6,966 listed in 1957.

The decrease in the number of hospitals resulted chiefly from the closing and merger of smaller hospitals and from the decreased number of tuberculosis hospitals. The number of hospital beds also decreased during 1958, from 1,607,692 to 1,558,691. Despite those numbers, the total number of admissions increased to 22,992,764 patients in 1958, from 22,089,719 admissions during the previous year. The increased admissions rate was made possible by a reduced average length of stay in the acute general hospitals from 7.7 days in 1957 to an all-time low of 7.6 days in 1958. There were 3,739,259 hospital births in 1958, up from the 3,491,141 recorded in 1947. The admissions numbers meant that on an average day 1.3 million persons were hospitalized and 10,244 babies were born in the nation's hospitals.

In the transfer of a complete hospital, the Misericordia, from its old building in Manhattan, New York, to a new structure in The Bronx, New York, these infant patients were transported by ambulance, with their nurses.
transferring babies

A new bedside control panel allows the patient to telephone, to regulate the room temperature, and to adjust the bed's levels.
bedside controls

Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Van Nuys, California, in operation in 1958, was designed by the architectural firm of Pereira & Luckman. The hub-and-wheel design of the rooms reduced walking time of nurses.; louvered windows and television sets could be controlled by each patient.
Valley Presbyterian Hospital

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