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Connie Mack

holder of records for most games managed by one man, the most wins as a manager, and the most losses as a manager

Connie Mack

Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy was born in East Brookfield, Massachusetts, on December 22, 1862.

Attracted to early forms of baseball at an early age, he played infield and outfield positions before becoming the local team's regular catcher. After the team won the state championship in 1883, he was signed by Meriden (Southern New England League) for the 1884 season, where he earned a whopping $90 per month. He then played two seasons for Hartford (same league) before being sold to the Washington Nationals of the National League.

In 1890, Mack was one of the many supporters of the revolt that led to the formation of the Players' League. He invested his entire life savings of $500 with the league and signed with the Buffalo Bisons that year. The league failed, and Mack lost his entire investment.

Mack joined the National League's Pittsburgh Pirates as a player in 1891. He replaced Al Buckenberger as manager toward the end of the 1894 season, and acted as player/manager of the Pirates until 1897. During Mack's tenure as manager, the Pirates won 149 of the 289 games they played.

Mack made his last appearance as an active player on August 29, 1896. In 11 seasons he had played in a total of 162 games, and achieved a career .245 batting average. Although he played every position in the majors except third base and pitcher, he was best known as a catcher.

In 1897, problems with the Pittsburgh front office prompted Mack to move to Milwaukee, where he became manager of that city's Western League team.

The Western League became the American League in 1900, and in 1901 Mack was given the opportunity to organize and manage the Philadelphia entry in the new league. He went on to manage the Philadelphia Athletics for the next 50 years, and was sole owner of the team from 1936 to 1954. During his tenure the Athletics took 9 American League pennants and won the World Series 5 times. Mack managed the team for a record 7,466 games, and a record 3,582 wins.

Mack retired as manager of the Athletics after the 1950 season, but retained ownership and presidency of the team until 1954. The team was sold to Arnold Johnson and moved to Kansas City in 1955.

As a manager, Mack was a legend in his own time. He was known for never wearing a uniform on the bench, preferring a business suit, complete with tie and fedora, instead, and for always calling his players by their given names, never by their nicknames. He still holds the record for most games managed by one man, 7,878; the most wins as a manager, 3,776; and the most losses as a manager, 4,025. In 1930, the City of Philadelphia honored him with its Bok Award, given annually to the citizen rendering the greatest service to the city during the previous year. He was elected by the Veterans Committee into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937.

Connie Mack died in Philadelphia on February 8, 1956.

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