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Disasters in 1977


January 13 A Soviet TU-104 exploded and crashed in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, killing all 96 persons aboard.

February 9 Queen Alia of Jordan and three other persons were killed in the crash of a military helicopter in southern Jordan.

February 24 A chartered plane crashed in a suburb of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, killing Pennsylvania Transportation Secretary William Sherlock, State Senator Richard Frame, and seven others.

Tenerife aftermath March 27 Two Boeing 747 jumbo jets collided and burst into flames on a foggy runway at Los Rodeos Airport on Tenerife, Canary Islands. A total of 583 persons were killed; 61 persons survived. [more information]

April 4 A Southern Airlines jet crashed in New Hope, Georgia, after its engines ingested hail, killing 62 persons on the plane and 8 on the ground. [more information]

May 10 An Israeli helicopter crash during military exercises killed all 54 paratroopers and crewmen aboard.

Pan Am helicopter crash May 16 A helicopter tipped over after landing atop the Pan Am building in New York City, New York, killing 4 persons on the roof and 1 on the ground after the rotors snapped off.

May 27 A Soviet passenger jet crashed on approach to Havana, Cuba, killing 66 persons.

September 5 An Ecuadorian airliner crashed into a mountain north of Cuenca, Ecuador, killing all 33 persons aboard.

September 27 A Japan Air Lines DC-8 crashed short of the runway at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, killing 34 of the 79 persons aboard.

November 19 A TAP-Portuguese Airways 727 crashed in a rain storm on the island of Madeira, killing 130 persons.

December 4 A Malaysian airliner hijacked by Japanese terrorists exploded and crashed in southern Malaysia, killing 100 persons.

December 13 A chartered DC-3 crashed near Evansville, Indiana, killing all 29 persons aboard, including the entire University of Evansville basketball team. [more information]

December 18 A Swiss Caravelle crashed near Funchal, Madeira, killing 36 persons.


February 25 Fire swept through the Rossiya hotel in Moscow, Russia, and killed 45 persons.

May 28 Fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Kentucky, killed 168 persons. [more information]

June 9 Fire in a club in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, killed 41 persons.

June 21 Fire in a Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, jail killed 21 prisoners and injured 13 others.

June 26 Fire killed 42 persons, 34 inmates and 8 visitors, in a Maury County, Tennessee, jail. The fire's cause was traced to the lighting of padded material with a cigarette.

July 7 A fire in the Danbury, Connecticut, Federal Correction Institute killed 5 inmates and injured 68 others.

July 26-27 A brush fire started by a box kite hitting electrical wires destroyed more than 185 homes in and around Santa Barbara, California. [more information]

November 11 A train loaded with dynamite exploded in a railway station in Iri, South Korea, killing 57 persons and injuring 1,348 others.

November 14 Fire ignited by a candle during a power outage caused by a typhoon killed at least 47 people in a Manila, Philippines, hotel.

December 16 Fire detroyed a mental hospital in Manila, Philippines, and killed at least 32 patients.


January 11 After a search off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the U. S. and Canadian coast guards reported the loss of a Panamanian tanker with 38 persons aboard.

January 17 At least 46 U. S. servicemen were killed when the launch returning them from weekend shore leave collided with a Spanish freighter in the Barcelona, Spain, Harbor.

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The Robinson Library >> In The Year... >> 1977

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