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Awards and Honors

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[Academy Awards]

Albert Lasker Awards
Basic Medical Research K. Sune D. Bergström, Bengt Samuelsson, John R. Vane
Clinical Medical Research Inge G. Edler, C. Hellmuth Hertz

American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
Arnold W. Brunner Prize in Architecture Henry N. Cobb
Distinguished Service to the Arts James Laughlin
Gold Medal for Sculpture Isamu Noguchi
Marjorie Peabody Waite Award Kenzo Okada
Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award Sigrid Burton

American Library Association
Beta Phi Mu Award Russell E. Bidlack
Grolier Award Elizabeth T. Fast
Isadore Gilbert Mudge Citation Bohdan S. Wynar
John Newbery Medal Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor
Joseph W. Lippincott Award Virginia Lacy Jones
Margaret Mann Citation Phyllis A. Richmond
Melvil Dewey Medal
Seymour Lubetzky
Randolph J. Caldecott Medal Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions, written by Margaret Musgrove, illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon

Canada Council
Molson Prizes John Hirsch, Jean-Louis Roux, Bill Reid

National Book Awards
Biography Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist, by W. A. Swanberg
Children's Literature The Master Puppeteer, by Katherine W. Paterson
Contemporary Thought The Uses of Enchantment, by Bruno Bettelheim
Fiction The Spectator Bird, by Wallace Stegner
History The World of Our Fathers, by Irving Howe
Poetry Collected Poems 1930-1976, by Richard Eberhart
Translation Master Tung's Western Chamber Romance, by Li-li Chen

Nobel Prizes
Chemistry Ilya Prigogine
Economics Bertil Ohlin and James E. Meade
Literature Vicente Aleixandre
Peace Amnesty International (for 1977); Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan (for 1976)
Physics John H. Van Vleck, Philip W. Anderson, and Sir Nevill F. Mott
Physiology or Medicine Rosalyn S. Yalow, Roger C. L. Guillemin, Andrew V. Schally

Overseas Press Club Awards
Book on Foreign Affairs John Toland, for Adolph Hitler
Business News Reporting from Aboard Alfred Zanker
Cartoon on Foreign Affairs Warren King
Daily Newspaper or Wire Service Interpretation of Foreign Affairs Flora Lewis
Daily Newspaper or Wire Service Reporting From Abroad Edward Cody
Magazine Interpretation of Foreign Affairs Tad Szulc
Magazine Reporting From Abroad Newsweek
Photographic Reporting From Abroad Robert W. Madden and W. E. Garrett

Pulitzer Prizes
Biography John E. Mack, for A Prince of Our Disorder
George F. Will
Criticism William McPherson
Michael Cristofer, for The Shadow Box
General Nonfiction
William W. Warner, for Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay
David M. Potter, for The Impending Crisis
Music Richard Wernick, for Visions of Terror and Wonder
National Reporting
Walter Mears
James Merrill, for Divine Comedies

U. S. National Medal of Science
Morris Cohen, K. O. Friedricks, Peter C. Goldmark, Samuel A. Goudsmit, Roger Charles Lewis Guillemin, Herbert S. Gutowsky, Erwin W. Mueller, Keith R. Porter, Efraim Racker, Frederick D. Rossini, Verner E. Suomi, Henry Taube, George E. Uhlenbeck, Hassler Whitney, Edward O. Wilson

U. S. Presidential Medal of Freedom
By President Gerald Ford on January 10 I. W. Abel, John Bardeen, Irving Berlin, Norman Borlaug, Omar N. Bradley, Arleigh Burke, Alexander Calder (posthumously), Bruce Catton, Joe DiMaggio, Ariel Durant, Will Durant, Arthur Fiedler, Henry J. Friendly, Lady Bird Johnson, Archibald MacLeish, James Albert Michener, Georgia O'Keefe, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Norman Rockwell, Katherine Filene Shouse, Lowell Thomas, James D. Watson
By President Jimmy Carter on July 11 Martin Luther King, Jr. (posthumously), Jonas E. Salk

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