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William McKinley's friends considered him tactful and charming, but others sometimes regarded him as cold and pompous. He went to church regularly and lavished great care and affection upon his invalid wife.

William McKinley at work

Chronology of His Life and Career

birthplace January 29, 1843 Born in Niles, Ohio.
  ~1852 His family, except for his father, moved to Poland, Ohio.
  ~1860 Entered junior class of Allegheny College, but left soon after due to illness.
  1861 Volunteered for service in the Civil War.
  1866 Entered law school in Albany, New York.
Canton Home 1867 Admitted to the bar and began practicing law in Canton, Ohio.
  1869 Elected Prosecuting Attorney of Stark County, Ohio.
  January 25, 1871 Married Ida Saxton.
  1873 William and Ida's first daughter, Ida, died at the age of four months.
  1876 The couple's second daughter, Katherine, died at the age of four years.
  1877-1891 Served in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  1891 Elected Governor of Ohio.
  1892 Ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination.
  1896 Wrote The Tariff in the Days of Henry Clay and Since.
William McKinley's Administration 1896 Elected President of the United States.
  1900 Re-elected President.
Assassination of President McKinley September 6, 1901 Shot by assassin in Buffalo, New York.
  September 14, 1901 Died in Buffalo.
McKinley Memorial September 30, 1907 The McKinley Memorial was dedicated.

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