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An Overview of Andrew Johnson's Administration

Andrew Johnson became Chief Executive upon the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. A Democrat, Johnson wanted to carry out Lincoln's program of kind and generous treatment for the defeated Confederate States, but he faced a Republican Congress controlled by men determined to punish the South. Feelings became so strong that the House of Representatives voted to impeach him; the Senate failed by one vote to remove Johnson from office.

Johnson was one of the most unpopular Presidents ever during his term, but the American people realized during his lifetime that he had been treated unjustly. Five years after leaving the presidency he became the only former U.S. President to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

President Andrew Johnson

Johnson's Cabinet
Vice-President none
Secretary of State William H. Seward
Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch
Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton
John M. Schofield (1868)
Attorney General James Speed
Henry Stanbery (1866)
William M. Evarts (1868)
Postmaster General William Dennison
Alexander W. Randall (1866)
Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles
Secretary of the Interior John P. Usher
James Harlan (1865)
Orville H. Browning (1866)
United States Events During His Administration
States Admitted Nebraska (1867)
Territories Created Wyoming (1868)
Population in 1869 39,100,000
May 29, 1865 Johnson issued a proclamation of amnesty for all Southerners who would take a loyalty oath except for former leaders of the Confederacy.
April 1866 The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated.
June 1866 Congress passed the 14th Amendment to protect the civil rights of blacks.
1867 Alaska was purchased from Russia for $7,200,000.
1867 The Bureau of Education was established.
August 12, 1867 Johnson suspended Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and appointed Ulysses Grant as interim Secretary.
January 1868 Grant voluntarily gave his job back to Stanton. Johnson fired Stanton.
February 24, 1868 The House of Representatives voted 126 to 47 to impeach Johnson.
December 25, 1868 Johnson issued a complete pardon for all Southerners who had taken part in the Civil War.
World Events During His Administration
1866 Gregor Mendel announced his laws of heredity.
1867 The Dominion of Canada was created.
1867 Emperor Maximilian of Mexico was executed.
1867 Austria-Hungary was created.
1867 Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.
1867 The first practical typewriter was developed.
1868 The first railroad refrigerator car was invented.

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