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Oriental Republic of Uruguay

República Oriental del Uruguay

Location eastern South America
Bordered By Argentina, Brazil

location of Uruguay in South America

Area 68,536 sq mi (177,508 sq km)
Greatest Distance E-W 280 mi (451 km)
Greatest Distance N-S 330 mi (531 km)
Coastline 600 mi (966 km)
Highest Point Cerro Catedral; 1,686 ft (514 m)
Lowest Point Atlantic Ocean coast; sea level
Natural Resources limestone, granite, marble

map of Uruguay

Nationality Uruguayan
Population (July 2015 est)
Largest Cities
Ethnic Groups white, mestizo, black
Religions Roman Catholic, non-denominational
Languages Spanish (official), Portunol, Brazilero (Portuguese-Spanish mix on the Brazilian frontier)

Capital Montevideo
Form of Government constitutional republic
Present Constitution Adopted
November 27, 1966
Chief of State and Head of Government
President Tabare Vazquez (since March 1, 2015)
Council of Ministers
bicameral General Assembly (Asamblea General)
Supreme Court
Local Administration
19 departments (departmentos)

Currency Uruguayan Peso
Per Capita Income
Industries food processing, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, petroleum products, textiles, chemicals, beverages
Agricultural Products
soybeans, rice, wheat; beef, dairy products; fish
Export Commodities beef, soybeans, cellulose, rice, wheat, wood, dairy products, wool
Import Commodities refined oil, crude oil, passenger and other transportation vehicles, vehicle parts, cellular phones

Independence Achieved August 25, 1825
From Brazil
National Holiday Independence Day; August 25
Flag nine equal horizontal stripes of white (top and bottom) alternating with blue; a white square in the upper hoist-side corner with a yellow sun bearing a human face known as the Sun of May with 16 rays that alternate between triangular and wavy; the stripes represent the nine original departments of Uruguay; the sun symbol evokes the legend of the sun breaking through the clouds on May 25, 1810, as independence from Spain was being declared

flag of Uruguay

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