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Guided Missiles and Rockets in 1957

After years of planning and research, production of the Lacrosse finally began in March. A surface-to-surface guided missile, its launcher is mounted on an Army truck. A guidance station is used in firing it.

On July 19, 1957, the U.S. Air Force conducted a "live fire" test of its new Genie missile, the first Air Force air-to-air missile to carry a nuclear warhead. The rocket travelled 13,910 feet in 4.5 seconds at an altitude of 18,500 feet before detonating the 1.7 kt warhead. A group of five USAF officers volunteered to stand hatless in their light summer uniforms underneath the blast to prove that the weapon was safe for use over populated areas.
live firing of the Genie

In the Year 1957

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