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Plymouth PB

one of the first models introduced under the Plymouth brand

Introduced on April 3, 1932, the Model PB featured Plymouth's first one-piece front fenders, which were more rounded than those of most other models, and free standing headlights. The 10-model lineup, ranging in price from $495 to $785, included four-door phaeton, convertible coupe and sedan, two-seater Business Roadtser, and Sport Roadster (shown below). Production of the Model PB ended after just eight months.

The Sport Roadster had a rumbleseat and folding windshield and a base price of $595. Wire wheels, chrome grille and headlamps, and twin cowl ventilators were all standard equipment for this model, but the bumpers were $15 extra. For another $40 the owner could get the "Collegiate Special" version, which was painted in the buyer's school colors. The Sport Roadster below was painted in the colors of Mankato State University.

Wheelbase 112-3/8 in.
Weight 2,655 lbs.
Engine iline, L-head, 4 cylinders
Displacement 196.1 cu. in.
Horsepower Rating 65 @ 3,000 R.P.M.
Bore 3-5/8 in.
Stroke 4-3/4 in.

1932 PB Sport Roadster

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