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Plymouth Cranbrook

Introduced in 1951 and carried over into 1952. Over the two years, only 15,650 convertibles were made and a mere 4,269 were built after January 1, 1952. Cranbrooks had the company's larger chassis, fanciest trim, and richest interior appointments. Genuine wire wheels were a rare Chrysler accessory that few Plymouth buyers ordered.

Despite having only minor appearance changes - a new hood ornament and rear nameplate - the 1952 models boasted 46 improvements over 1951. They included redesigned combustion chambers, better brakes, transmission refinements, safer windshield wipers, and Oriflow hydraulic shock absorbers. An overdrive transmission was added to the option list in the spring, when whitewall tires were reinroduced after the Korean War ended.

Wheelbase 118.5 in.
Weight 3,256 lbs.
Engine inline, L-head, 6 cylinders
Displacement 217.8 cu. in.
Horsepower Rating 97 @ 3,600 R.P.M.
Bore 3.25 in.
Stroke 4.375 in.

1952 Cranbrook Convertible

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