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Apollo 12

the second manned Moon landing


launched November 14, 1969
landed on the Moon November 19, 1969
returned to Earth


Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. -- Mission Commander
Richard F. Gordon, Jr. -- Command Module Pilot
Alan L. Bean -- Lunar Module Pilot


command module Yankee Clipper
lunar module Intrepid

Chronology of Events

November 18
1:54 am EST -- The Intrepid landed about 600 feet from
Surveyor 3.
[The Intrepid, as seen from the Yankee Clipper, performs maneuvers carrying it away from the Command Module and prepares to land in the Ocean of Storms.]
Intrepid descends to the Ocean of Storms

November 20
The Intrepid left the Moon and rendezvoused with the Yankee Clipper.
After the astronauts, equipment, and lunar material were transferred to the the Yankee Clipper, the Intrepid was crashed onto the Moon. Its impact triggered a moonquake that was recorded by the lunar seismometer for more than half an hour.

November 24
3:58 pm EST -- The Yankee Clipper splashed down in the Pacific.

Mission Accomplishments

Conrad and Bean left the Intrepid twice for periods of about four hours.

A lunar scientific station was set up during the first exploration period. It consisted of a nuclear power source, telemetry equipment, a magnetometer, an ionosphere detector, an atmosphere detector, a solar wind spectrometer, and a seismometer.

During the second excursion the astronauts "visited" Surveyor 3, which had landed on the Moon in 1968.

About 120 pounds of lunar material was returned to Earth for study.

Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
Richard F. Gordon, Jr.
Alan L. Bean
Surveyor 3

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