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Apollo IV

November 9, 1967; the first launch of an Apollo-Saturn vehicle since the Apollo I disaster

Technicians examine the Apollo IV Command Module before shipment from North American Rockwell in Downey, California.
Apollo IV Command Module

The Command and Service Modules, with Lunar Module adapter attached, is hoisted for mating to a Saturn V third stage at Cape Kennedy's Vehicle Assembly Building.
mating the Apollo IV modules with a Saturn V

Dawn breaks over the launch site of the 363-foot-tall, 310-ton Apollo IV space vehicle.
Apollo IV awaiting launch

Powered by 7,500,000 pounds of thrust, Apollo IV begins its journey into space at 7:00:01 a.m. on November 9, 1967. The five rocket motors fired for a record 4 minutes 40 seconds.
launch of Apollo IV

A photograph of the Earth from the window of the Apollo IV Command Module at an altitude of about 11,000 miles. A 70mm Maurer flight camera clicked every 10.6 seconds, producing 711 pictures of the Earth.
Earth from Apollo IV

Navy frogmen affix hoisting cables and an inflated ring to the Command Module after its 3:37 p.m. splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. Itawaits hoisting onto the recovery ship, the USS Bennington.
recovering the Apollo IV capsule

The Command Module is hoisted aboard the Bennington. Despite its exterior being charred by 5,000 temperatures during re-entry, its interior showed no signs of damage caused by either launch, re-entry, or splashdown.
Apollo IV Command Module

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The Robinson Library >> Technology >> Astronautics >> Manned Programs and Missions

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