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Russell Louis Schweickart

Apollo astronaut

Russell Schweickart

Biographical Data

Born October 25, 1935, in Neptune, New Jersey

Married to Nancy Ramsey
Children seven


High School Manasquan, New Jersey
Bachelor of Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1956
Master of Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963

Military Career

fighter pilot, U. S. Air Force and Massachusetts Air National Guard, 1956-1963

Pre-NASA Career

research scientist, Experimental Astronomy Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
His work involved research in upper atmospheric physics, star tracking and the stabilization of stellar images.

NASA Career

One of the third group of astronauts named in October 1963.

Apollo 9
(March 3-13, 1969)
During a 46 minute EVA he tested the portable life support backpack which was subsequently used on the lunar surface explorations. On the mission with him were commander James A. McDivitt and command module pilot David R. Scott.

Skylab 1
Assumed responsibility for the development of hardware and procedures associated with erecting the emergency solar shade and deployment of the jammed solar array wing.

Director of User Affairs in the Office of Applications
Responsible for transferring NASA technology to the outside world and working with technology users to bring an understanding of their needs into NASA.

Post-NASA Career

assistant for science and technology to Governor Jerry Brown of California, 1977-1979

Commissioner of Energy for the State of California, 1979-1985

founder and president, Courier Satellite Services, Inc.
a global satellite communications company which developed Low Earth Orbit satellites to provide worldwide affordable data services

executive vice-president, CTA Commercial Systems, Inc.
director, Low Earth Orbit Systems

chairman, United States Antarctic Program Safety Review Panel for the director of the National Science Foundation, 1987-1988

president and CEO, ALOHA Networks, Inc., 1996-1998
a data communications company specializing in high performance, wireless internet access equipment

chairman of the board, B612 Foundation
a non-profit private foundation that champions the development and testing of a spaceflight concept to protect the Earth from future asteroid impacts

Participated in the 1992 and 1995 World Radiocommunications Conferences of the International Telecommunications Union.
Served as a U. S. delegate at the 1995 conference.

Has also worked extensively in Russia and the former Soviet Union on telecommunications matters.


Association of Space Explorers (founder and past president)

fellow, American Astronautical Society and the International Academy of Astronautics
associate fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
honorary trustee and fellow, California Academy of Sciences

Awards and Honors

NASA Distinguished Service Medal, 1969
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Special Trustees Award (Emmy), for transmitting the first live TV pictures from space, 1969
Federation Aeronautique Internationale De La Vaux Medal, 1970
NASA Exceptional Service Medal, for his leadership role in the Skylab rescue efforts, 1973

Astronaut Biographies

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The Robinson Library >> Technology >> Astronautics >> Biography

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