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Jack Robert Lousma

Skylab astronaut

NASA photo of Jack R. Lousma

Biographical Data

Born February 29, 1936, in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Married Gratia Kay
Children 4


High School Ann Arbor High School
Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering University of Michigan, 1959
Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, 1965
Honorary Doctorate of Astronautical Science University of Michigan, 1973
Honorary Doctor of Science Hope College, 1982
Honorary Doctor of Science in Business Administration Cleary College, 1986

Military Career

Reconnaissance pilot with the 2nd Marine Air Wing, at Cherry Point, North Carolina.

Became a Marine Corps officer in 1959.

Received his wings in 1960.
Assigned to the 2nd Marine Air Wing as an attack pilot. Subsequently assigned to the 1st Marine Air Wing, at Iwakuni, Japan.

NASA Career

Selected as an astronaut in April 1966.

Member of the astronaut support crews for Apollo IX, X, and XIII.

Pilot for Skylab III, July 28-September 25, 1973. Spent 11 hours on spacewalks outside the station, a new record. This mission accomplished 150% of mission goals.

Backup docking module pilot of the United States flight crew for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, July 1975.

Spacecraft commander on STS-3, the third orbital test flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, March 22-30, 1982.

Post-NASA Career

Left NASA in 1983.


fellow, American Astronautical Society
member, Society of the Sigma Xi
member, University of Michigan "M" Club
member, Officer's Christian Fellowship
member, Association of Space Explorers

Awards and Honors

Johnson Space Center Certificate of Commendation (1970)
NASA Distinguished Service Medal (1973)
Navy Distinguished Service Medal (1974)
Navy Astronaut Wings (1974)
City of Chicago Gold Medal (1974)
Robert J. Collier Trophy for 1973 (1974)
Marine Corps Aviation Association's Exceptional Achievement Award (1974)
Federation Aeronautique Internationale's V.M. Komarov Diploma for 1973 (1974)
Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy for 1975 (1975)
AIAA Octave Chanute Award for 1975 (1975)
AAS Flight Achievement Award for 1974 (1975)
induction into International Space Hall of Fame (1982)
NASA Distinguished Service Medal (1982)
Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal (1982)
NCAA Silver Anniversary Award (1983)
induction into Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame (1988)

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