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Frank G. Brewer Trophy

awarded annually to an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization for significant contributions of enduring value to aerospace education in the United States

In the summer of 1943, Birmingham, Alabama, businessman Frank G. Brewer established a foundation in honor of his two sons who were serving in World War II, one as a lead radio operator/navigator and the other as a paratrooper.

Franks G. Brewer Trophy


1943 Civil Aeronautics Administration
1944 Dr. Edgar Fuller, assistant director, Aviation Education Program of the Civil Aeronautics Administration
1945 Dr. Huber W. Hart, Director of Development and Research, Boy Scouts of America
1946 Dr. Frank E. Sorenson, associate professor of education, University of Nebraska
1947 Dr. Nickolaus L. Englehardt, Jr., Air Age Education Research
1948 Philip S. Hopkins, president, Binghampton (New York) Board of Education
1949 Elsie W. Adams, supervisory teacher, Denver (Colorado) Public Schools

1950 Senior Lieutenant John H. Burton, U.S. Navy
1951 Dr. Harold E. Mehrens, supervisor of the Aviation Education Program, Civil Aeronautics Administration
1952 Civil Air Patrol
1953 Dr. Leslie A. Bryan, director, Institute of Aviation, University of Illinois
1954 Dr. John H. Furbay, director, Air World Education, Trans World Airlines
1955 Willis C. Brown
1956 Ray O. Mertes
1957 Edwin A. Link
1958 Dr. Evan Evans
1959 Dr. Paul E. Garber, head curator and historian, National Air Museum

1960 George N. Gardner, education director, Pan American World Airways
1961 James V. Bernardo
1962 Dr. Merlyn McLaughlin
1963 Marilyn Link
1964 Gill Robb Wilson
1965 Jane N. Marshall
1966 Dr. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr.
1967 Dr. Roland H. Spaulding
1968 Joseph T. Geuting, Jr.
1969 James H. Straubel

1970 Dr. Walter Zaharevitz
1971 Harold S. Wood
1972 Dr. Wayne O. Reed
1973 Dr. Frederick B. Tuttle
1974 Dr. Wayne R. Matson
1975 Dr. Leslie L. Thomason
1976 Dr. J. Wesley Crum
1977 Don H. Clausen
1978 Michael Collins, under secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, and the team of people he assembled while serving as director of the National Air and Space Museum
1979 Paul H. Poberezny, executive director and president, Experimental Aircraft Association

1980 Florida Institute of Technology, and Dr. Jerome P. Keuper, founder and president of the Florida Institute of Technology
1981 Edward W. Stimpson
1982 John V. Sorenson
1983 Senator Barry M. Goldwater
1984 Mary Jo Knouff
1985 Charles Alfred Anderson
1986 Dr. Paul A. Whelan
1987 Dr. John D. Odegard
1988 Dr. Curtis M. Graves
1989 no trophy awarded

1990 Lockhart J. Smith, Jr.
1991 Kenneth L. Tallman
1992 Dr. Wallace R. Maples
1993 Gary W. Kiteley
1994 Raymond J. Johnson
1995 Dr. Thomas J. Connolly
1996 Jack K. Barker
1997 Dr. Frank G. Mitchell
1998 Gordon B. Hoff
1999 Russell W. Watson

2000 NASA Spacelink team
2001 The Ninety-Nines, Inc.
2002 Civil Air Patrol
2003 Phillip S. Woodruff
2004 Deborah V. Gallaway
2005 NASM Docent Corps
2006 Mary S. Feik
2007 no trophy award
2008 University Aviation Association
2009 Dr. Peggy Chabrian

2010 Academy of Model Aeronautics
2011 no trophy awarded
2012 John and Martha King
2013 Barrington Irving
2014 The Aerospace Industries Association, The National Association of Rocketry

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