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Aviation News, Feats, and Records, 1961

The X-15

April 21 Air Force Major Robert White flew the X-15 at 3,074 mph over Edwards Air Force Base, California, to set a new controlled-flight speed record.

October 11 Major White piloted the X-15 to a record altitude of 217,000 feet, while also setting a world speed record (for manned, winged aircraft) of 3,647 mph.

November 9 In a test of maximum speed, Major White achieved a speed of 4,093 mph.

Other Records

May 26 A U.S. jet bomber made a record New-York-to-Paris nonstop flight by covering the 3,669 miles in 3 hours 19 minutes 41 seconds.

August 24 Jacqueline Cochran flew a Northrup T-38 Talon supersonic jet trainer to an average speed of 844.2 mph over Edwards Air Force Base to set a new world speed record for women.

Jacqueline Cochran after her record-setting flight.
Jacqueline Cochran

October 18 A helicopter altitude record of 32,000 feet was set by an Air Force craft at Bloomfield, Connecticut.

October 25 An American Airlines jet flew from San Francisco to New York (2,657 miles) in 4 hours 29 minutes to set a 590 mph speed record.

New Aircraft

A Convair 990 takes off from San Diego, California, on its maiden flight in August.
maiden flight of the Convair 990

A Boeing 720B jet airliner flying above Seattle, Washington. A modification of the 720, the aircraft is equipped with turbofan engines which increase its thrust an estimated 40%.
Boeing 720B

The Umbaugh 18 is an experimental two-seater helicopter designed to take off and land on a five-foot runway and to sell for $10,000.
Umbaugh 18

The Vickers VC10 with four rear-mounted engines went into service with the British Overseas Airways Corporation in 1961.
Vickers VC10

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