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Stearman Aircraft Company

After building three airplanes in Venice, California, Lloyd Stearman returned to Wichita, Kansas, in 1927. With the help of Walter Innes, the Stearman Aircraft Company was reorganized and production resumed on the Model C-2. This model was produced as the C3B into 1929. The plane shown here was owned by the Wichita Air Service Provision Company.
Stearman C3B

A Stearman LT-1 loading mail and passengers at the Wichita (Kansas) Municipal Airport in 1929.
Stearman LT-1 in Wichia

With the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation's 1931 consolidation of Northrop with Stearman in Wichita, some Northrop "Beta" and "Alpha" models were completed and delivered by Stearman. This February 1932 photo of a "Beta" 3D was taken in front of the Stearman hangar with the Wichita (Kansas) Municipal Airport hangar in the background.
Stearman Beta 3D

A Stearman PT-13A "Kaydet" in front of the Wichita (Kansas) Municipal Airport terminal prior to delivery to the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1937. By late 1943 more than 8,400 "Kaydets" in various models had been delivered.
Kaydet in Wichita

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