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Okay Airplane Company

In 1929 a young aeronautical engineer named John "Lee" Atwood set up a plant in Okay, Oklahoma, to build the "Okay Monoplane," an innovative, low-wing aircraft.

The Okay Airplane Company was formed in 1928 by a Wichita, Kansas, group that was already involved in the manufacture of airplanes there. The company’s headquarters remained in Wichita, in the Union National Building. The company expected the Okay factory to produce its first plane in six weeks and that it would build 60 airplanes a day when in full production. Three models were planned, with the price expected to be $2,100 to $15,000.

The Okay Model SK-1 made its maiden flight in mid-July 1929. It was one of the first low-wing monoplanes produced and considered quite innovative for its time, and Lee Atwood, its designer, went on to become president of North American Rockwell. The Bureau of Air Commerce, forerunner of the Federal Aviation Administration, condemned the plane as unsafe, however. Its future became a moot point with the crash of the stock market, and the Okay Airplane Co. filed for bankruptcy in 1930.

Okay Model SK-1
Okay Model SK-1

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