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Textile Industries

teks' tIl, (1) any cloth or goods produced by weaving, knitting, or felting; (2) a material, as a yarn, suitable for weaving


Paper FabricPaper Fabric
Water Repellent CheeseclothWater Repellent Cheesecloth
The Spinning JennyThe Spinning Jenny
was one of the machines that launched the Industrial Revolution and the modern industrial age. First developed by James Hargreaves in 1764, it allowed one person to spin several spindles of thread at one time.
Sir Richard ArkwrightSir Richard Arkwright
developed a spinning machine that was powered by water. He subsequently built several cotton mills that combined the various manufacturing processes of machine carding, drawing, roving, and spinning in one operation.
Joseph Marie JacquardJoseph Marie Jacquard
invented an automated loom that used a system of punched cards with sprung needles that lifted only those threads corresponding to the punched pattern on the card. His loom made it possible to weave patterns of remarkable complexity.
Samuel SlaterSamuel Slater
introduced the water-powered spinning machine to America in 1790, thus founding the American textile industry. He also introduced the factory town concept to America.
Eli WhitneyEli Whitney
invented the cotton gin, a machine that could clean the seeds from cotton as fast as 50 persons working by hand. He later invented the assembly line process, as well as many of the tools and machines necessary to turn out absolutely uniform parts.

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