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The Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia New York: H.S. Stuttman Co., Inc., 1977

Neil Cossons Making of the Modern World, Milestones of Science and Technology London: John Murray (Publishers) Ltd., 1992

Anthony Feldman and Peter Ford Scientists and Inventors, The People Who Made Technology from Earliest Times to Present Day New York: Facts on File, 1979


The Black Inventor Online Museum
A look at pioneers in the field of invention and innovation who have in many cases gone unrecognized because of the color of their skin.

The Engines of Our Ingenuity
A website based on a radio program that tells the story of how our culture is formed by human creativity.

The Great Idea Finder
A place to explore the exciting world of innovation. Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, inventor, history buff, or just looking for innovative consumer products, you'll find things you can use here.

How Stuff Works

John Jenkins Spark Museum
A "virtual" radio and scientific instruments museum displaying radios and other items collected by an enthusiast over the past 35+ years.

National Inventors Hall of Fame


American Society of Civil Engineers

Centennial Bulb
The official website of the lightbulb which has burning for over 100 years.

Energy Quest
The award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission.

Federation of American Scientists

Today in Science History

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