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tek nol' o jE, (1) the branch of knowledge that deals with applied science, engineering, etc.; (2) the practical application of knowledge; (3) the materials, techniques, etc. used for a practical end


Alan Shepard Becomes the First American in Space Railroad Air Brakes Fax Machine, 1961 Picturephone Whiskey Leo Hendrik Baekeland Atomic Energy in 1960 Guglielmo Marconi Samuel Finley Breese Morse Conestoga Wagon

the science or art of flight
Invention and InventionsInvention and Inventions
a new process, machine, etc. that is recognized as the product of some unique intuition or genius
the science and technology of spaceflight, including interplanetary and interstellar flight
Mechanical Engineering and MachineryMechanical Engineering and Machinery
a system by which action is maintained or a result is obtained
Audio Equipment and DevicesAudio Equipment and Devices
of or used in the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound
Metal ManufacturesMetal Manufactures
BiographyBiography Mining EngineeringMining Engineering
the extraction of a mineral substance from the earth
Bridge EngineeringBridge Engineering
a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, road, etc.
Motor VehiclesMotor Vehicles
a self-propelled wheeled conveyance, such as a car or truck, that does not run on rails
Building Construction Packaging
Chemical TechnologyChemical Technology Paper and Related Manufactures
Electrical and Nuclear EngineeringElectrical and Nuclear Engineering PhotographyPhotography
the process or art of producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light
Engineering (General)Engineering (General)
the practical application of science
Railroad Engineering and OperationRailroad Engineering and Operation
Environmental Engineering Rocket ScienceRocket Science
any of various tubelike devices containing combustibles that on being ignited propel the tube through the air
Exhibitions, Trade Shows, World's Fairs, Etc.Exhibitions, Trade Shows, World's Fairs, Etc. Rubber Industry
Handicrafts Surveying
Highway EngineeringHighway Engineering Textile IndustriesTextile Industries
any cloth or goods produced by weaving, knitting, or felting
Home EconomicsHome Economics
the study of home management, including nutrition, household economics, etc.
an underground passage; a passageway through or under a mountain or other obstruction
Hydraulic EngineeringHydraulic Engineering
operated by water or other liquid under pressure
Wheelwright IndustryWheelwright Industry
a person whose trade is making or repairing wheels and wheeled carriages
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