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Highway Engineering

John Loudon McAdamJohn Loudon McAdam
developed the system of road construction called "macadamize," in which the road bed is raised slightly above the level of the surrounding land, drainage ditches edge each side, and the road itself consists of layers of stones that became compressed into a solid surface by repeated traffic.
Calumet SkywayCalumet Skyway
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Calumet Skyway is an 8-mile-long toll road that connects with the Indiana Toll Road. Opened in April 1958, the $101 million elevated highway has six traffic lanes.
Highway Interchange, 1958Highway Interchange, 1958
Louisville ExpresswayLouisville Expressway
Smart Highway, 1960"Smart Highway," 1960
Test Road, 1958Test Road, 1958
Traffic CameraTraffic Camera, 1960

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