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Mackinac Bridge

[mak' uh naw] Straits of Mackinac, Michigan

This five-mile-long bridge includes the ninth-longest suspension bridge in the world. It spans the Straits of Mackinac between the Upper and Lower peninsulas of Michigan. Its northern end is at St. Ignace, its southern at Mackinaw City. It was designed by Dr. David B. Steinman. Construction began on May 7, 1954, and officially ended on November 1, 1957. The bridge was dedicated on June 28, 1958.


Total Length, including Approaches 26,372 feet

Total Length of Steel Superstructure 19,243 feet

Length of Suspension Bridge, including Anchorages 8,614 feet (1.63 miles)

Length of Main Suspension Span 3,800 feet

Height of Main Towers above Water 552 feet

Maximum Height of Roadway above Water 199 feet

Diameter of Main Cables 24-1/2 inches

Total Length of Wire in Main Cables 42,000 miles

dedication of the Mackinac BridgeMackinac Bridge dedication

Mackinac Bridge Authority

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