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George Washington Bridge

Fort Lee, New Jersey - New York City; the world's only 14-lane suspension bridge

George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge crosses the Hudson River between Upper Manhattan, New York City, (at West 178th Street) and Fort Lee, New Jersey. The bridge was designed by Othmar Ammann. Ground was broken for the original six-lane bridge in October 1927, and it was opened to traffic on October 25, 1931. Two additional lanes were added to the upper level in 1946. When the lower level was opened to traffic on August 29, 1962, the George Washington became the world's only 14-lane suspension bridge. In 1981, the bridge was designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

the George Washington Bridge in 1932, looking west
in 1932


Length of Bridge between Anchorages 4,760 feet

Length of Main Spain 3,500 feet

Width of Roadway 90 feet

Height of Tower above Water 604 feet

Maximum Height of Bridge above Water 212 feet

Number of Cables 4

Total Length of Wires in Cables 107,000 miles

Cost of Original Bridge $59,000,000

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