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Miscellaneous Pictures from 1957
  (Right) On August 14 the American Association of State Highway Officials adopted a design for interstate highway markers, as well as a system for numbering individual highways in the interstate system. The markers were to be a red, white, and blue reflectorized shield with the legend "Interstate," the name of the state, and the route number. The numbering system was not to use more than two digits. North-south routes were to have odd numbers beginning on the west coast and going east, and east-west routes were to have even numbers and start in the south. Interstate Hihway sign
New York Thruway (Left) This section of the New York Thruway near Pattersonville, New York, is typical of road building in 1957. It is a divided highway and has off-the-road service accomodations.  
  (Right) Highways meet and cross each other at four different levels in this Los Angeles solution to the problem of merging traffic. Los Angeles highway interchange
Stevens Canyon Highway (Left) The Stevens Canyon Highway was opened for traffic in the fall of 1957. The section shown here runs through Mount Rainier National Park.  
  (Right) The Major Deegan Expressway, a six-lane highway, opened as part of Interstate 87 in August. Major Deegan Expressway
Baltimore Beltway (Left) Part of the Baltimore Beltway, which is planned to circle the city. The interchange for the Harbor Expressway is at the left.  

In the Year 1957

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