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Refugees in 1960

World Refugee Year ended in June 1960 amid appeals by the United Nations and other agencies that the spirit and momentum of public response engendered during the year be continued in further efforts to resolve remaining refugee problems. The U.N. Secretary-General reported to the General Assembly in October that 97 countries and territories and 39 national committees of private citizens had participated in the year's activities.

Algerian resettlement village of Messelmoun, one of several developed by the French government in 1960 for Moslem Algerians formerly residing in areas occupied by nationalist rebel forces of the F.L.N.
Messelmoun, Algeria

East German refugees in West Berlin waiting for transportation to camps in West Germany. An estimated 250,000 persons crossed the border in 1960.
West Berlin

Woman sewing in a Polish refugee camp in England. In 1960 plans were made to close all but one of the seven remaining camps which had first been opened in 1940 after the invasion of Poland by Germany.
Polish camp, England

Kindergarten children at Bureij Camp, one of nine centers administered by the United Nations in the Gaza area. A major refugee area, it was under particular scrutiny during World Refugee Year.
Gaza children

Polish refugees watching a pageant at Camp Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, Germany. The Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration moved 31,095 refugees to other countries during World Refugee Year.
Polish refugees

Mother and child at maternity and child health center, Jabalia Camp, Gaza, one of many camps visited by actor Yul Brynner, representing the UN High Commissioner for Refugees during World Refugee Year. Brynner reported on his tour in a book published in October 1960.
Gaza refugees

Barracks at Camp Haid, Linz, Austria, one of the countries, together with Germany, Italy, and Greece, where UN camps were to be closed under a clearance program for which financing was provided in 1960.

Britannica Book of the Year 1961 Chicago: Encyclopędia Britannica, 1961

In the Year 1960
Algeria in 1960
Yul Brynner

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