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Crime in 1979
bank robber caught on camera Left: An armed bandit is caught by a security camera as he attempts to flee from the New York City bank he has just robbed. An epidemic of bank holdups occurred in 1979. The most spectacular murder of 1979 was the "gangland-style" shooting of Carmine (Lilo) Galante (right) at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, during the lunch hour on July 12, 1979. Three masked men shot Galante, his bodyguard, and the restaurant owner. Galante was awaiting trial for violating parole at the time of the murder. [American Mafia History] Carmine Galante in 1979
    Right: A New York City transit policeman waits with passengers on a platform as a campaign to fight subway crime goes into effect in March. New York City transit policeman



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