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Battle of ShilohSiameseShort-Billed Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)Silky Anteater (Cyclopes didactylus)

Shalamar Gardens

Shannon, Ireland, Airplane Crash

Sharett, Moshe

--Great Hammerhead
--Sand Tiger

Sharon, Ariel

Shays' Rebellion

Shearwater, Sooty

Sheldon, Charles Monroe

Shepard, Jr., Alan Bartlett

Sheridan, Philip Henry

Sherman, Roger

Sherman, William Tecumseh

Sherwood Forest

Shiloh, Battle of

Shinisaurus crocodilurus

Shippingport Nuclear Power Plant

Shoda, Michiko
--1958 Betrothal
--Marriage to Akihito

"Shoot the Bull" Barbecue Championship
--Official Symbols of Georgia

Shore, Dinah
--Television in 1958

Short-Billed Echidna

"Short Parliament"
--King Charles I



Shovelnose Guitarfish

Shredded Wheat
--Henry Drushel Perky

Shreve, Henry Miller

Shrew, Masked

Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Shriver, Robert Sargent

Siamese (cat breed)

Siddhartha Gautama

Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Sierra Leone, Republic of

Signal Corps, United States Army

Signoret, Simone

Sihanouk, Norodom
--Cambodia in 1962

Sika Deer

Sikorsky, Igor

Sikorsky S-60


Silistra, Bulgaria

Silk Road

Silky Anteater


Silvery Checkerspot

Simpson, Jeremiah

Simpson, Wallis

Sinanthropus pekinensis
--Davidson Black

Sinclair, Harry Ford

Singapore, Republic of

Singer, Isaac Merritt

--Belgrade, Serbia

Singleton, Benjamin

Sitta canadensis

Sitting Bull

Skelton, Red


Skink, Great Plains

Sky Harbor Airport

Skylab Space Station

Slater, Samuel

Slide Rule

Sloane's Viperfish

Slosheye Trail Big Pig Jig
--Official Symbols of Georgia

Slovak Republic

Slovenska Republika

Slow Loris, Sunda

--Edward Jenner


Smetana, Bedrich


Smith, Alfred Emanuel

Smith, Dean Edwards

Smith, John

Smithsonian Institution

Smokey Bear

Smoky Hill River

Smooth Snake

Smyslov, Vassily
--Chess News, 1958

Snail Kite


SNDT Women's University
--Dondo Keshav Karve

Snead, Sam

Snell, Peter
--1960 Summer Olympics

--Franklin Clarence Mars

Snow Goose

Snow Leopard

Snowy Owl

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