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honeybee Order Hymenoptera

hI mi nop' ter uh, bees, flies, etc.

The Body of a Worker BeeThe Body of a Worker Bee
Kinds of BeesKinds of Bees Scientists divide the 10,000 kinds of bees into two main groups, social and solitary. Most kinds of bees are solitary.
The Three Kinds of Bees in a HiveThe Three Kinds of Bees in a Hive
Stages in the Life of a BeeStages in the Life of a Bee
Honeybee (Apis spp.)Honeybee (Apis spp) Honeybees are the only type of bee to have a stinger. Unlike other stinging insects, a honeybee can only use its stinger once; barbs keep the stinger firmly embedded in the victim, so when the bee withdraws it must literally leave its insides behind with the stinger and the bee will die soon after, having given its life to defend its hive.
Family Ichneumonidae (Ichneumon Flies)Family Ichneumonidae Ichenumon flies are parasitic insects whose larvae feed on caterpillars, pupae, and larvae of other insects. With more than 60,000 species spread throughout the world, this family has more species than any other family in the order.
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