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ladybug Order Coleoptera

kO lE op' ter uh, beetles

About the Order Coleoptera Beetles constitute the largest order not only of insects but also of the entire animal kingdom. The name Coleoptera is derived from the Greek words koleon, meaning "sheath," and pteron, meaning "wing." It refers to the beetle's characteristic hardened front wings that meet along the middle line of the back and form a protective sheath over the hind wings.
External Anatomy of a BeetleExternal Anatomy of a Beetle The three main parts of a beetle's body -- head, thorax, and abdomen -- are strongly joined together.
Life Cycle of the BeetleLife Cycle of a Beetle The larvae of some beetles look like worms with large heads. Some beetle larvae have no legs; others are covered with tufts or rows of long bristles.
Boll Weevil (Anthonomous grandis)Boll Weevil (Anthonomous grandis) Originally native to Mexico, the boll weevil spread into Texas in the late-1800's, and through the rest of the "cotton belt" by the 1910's. A single generation of boll weevils can totally decimate a cotton field, and the numerous generations possible in any given growing season can easily destroy a cotton-based economy.
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