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Orangespot Freshwater Stingray

Potomotrygon motoro (aka Ocellate River Stingray)


The body of an average adult measures about 12 inches long, and its tail adds another 8 inches. The barbed spine at the end of the tail produces a nasty venom which can cause severe pain to those unfortunate enough to disturb one of these normally placid animals.

Orangespot Freshwater Stingray

Distribution and Habitat

This species is found in the shallower waters of the Amazon River Basin.


Worms, crustaceans, and mollusks that live in the mud of the river bottom make up the principal parts of this stingray's diet.


Up to 12 live young are born per litter. Baby stingrays are miniature versions of adults, complete with stinger.

Scientific Classification

phylum Chordata
subphylum Vertebrata
class Chondrichthyes
subclass Elasmobranchii
order Rajiformes
family Potamotrygonidae
genus & species Potomotrygon motoro

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The Robinson Library >> Science >> Zoology >> Fishes >> Class Chondrichthyes

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