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Emperor Goose

Chen canagica


The emperor is a medium-sized goose -- 26 to 28 inches long and weighing about 6 pounds. Both sexes are similar in appearance and size. Immature emperor geese are all blue-gray, with whitish scaling and spotting.

pair of Emperor Geese

Distribution and Habitat

Usually found on or near the ocean, most emperor geese spend the entire year on the west coast of Alaska, on the Aleutian Islands, or along the eastern coast of Siberia. A few populations, however, occasionally winter as far south as California, or even Hawaii.

distribution of Emperor Geese in North America


Emperor geese feed on sea and shore vegetation, as well as a variety of small sea animals.

Scientific Classification

phylum Chordata
subphylum Vertebrata
class Aves
order Anseriformes
family Anatidae
subfamily Anserinae
genus & species Chen canagica

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The Robinson Library >> Science >> Zoology >> Birds >> Order Anseriformes

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