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illustration from a 16th-century book on alchemy Alchemy

Alchemy's Pursuit of the Meaning of MatterAlchemy's Pursuit of the Meaning of Matter
Alchemical Symbols and AllegoriesAlchemical Symbols and Allegories were meant to keep the secrets of the alchemist from the uninitiated, while also allowing for the passage of knowledge from teacher to pupil.
The Alchemist's EquipmentThe Alchemist's Equipment included many pieces of apparatus that are still used in chemistry laboratories today.
From Alchemist to ApothecaryFrom Alchemist to Apothecary With their knowledge of inorganic acids and salts, as well as of traditional herb cures, many alchemists found themselves to be excellent apothecaries.
From Alchemist to MetallurgistFrom Alchemist to Metallurgist One of the many trades that drew on alchemy was metalworking, which used much of the same equipment and techniques perfected by alchemists.
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