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The United Nations in 1970

On October 24, 1970, the United Nations was 25 years old.

New York City Mayor John V. Lindsay presents a birthday cake to the United Nations. Standing in the background are Secretary-General U Thant and Dr. Edvard Hambro, the new President of the General Assembly, and his wife.
birthday cake for the UN

French President Georges Pompidou meets with U Thant on March 2. He is accompanied by the French Ambassador to the UN (left) and French Foreign Minister Maurice Schumann.
Georges Pompidou at the UN

Indonesian President Suharto arrives at the United Nations with his wife and daughter. Earlier, he had flown to Washington, D. C., where he met with President Richard Nixon to discuss U. S. military actions in Cambodia.
Suharto at the UN

The 25th General Assembly convened on September 15.

Charles Yost, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, yawns during the counting of ballots for the election of the president of the 25th General Assembly.
Charles Yost

Angie Brooks of Liberia, President of the 24th UN General Assembly, presents a gavel to her succeessor, Dr. Edvard Hambro of Norway. Dr. Hambro's father had served as President of the final session of the League of Nations Assembly.
Angie Brooks presents a gavel to Edvard Hambro

On October 14, the General Assembly began a ten-day period of speeches and ceremonies in honor of the UN's anniversary.

U. S. President Richard Nixon addresses the General Assembly, on October 23. He asked the Soviet Union to join with the United States in ending the arms race.
Richard Nixon addresses the General Assembly

World Youth Assembly

More than 600 people from over 100 nations, areas, and groups took part in the World Youth Assembly, which was held at the UN headquarters from July 9 to July 17. The Assembly was divided into four commissions to take up the topics of world peace, development, education, and man and environment. Its final act was to approve a message to the General Assembly calling for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Indochina, Israeli troops from occupied Arab territories, and Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia. The message also called for the admission of Communist China and both Germanys to the United Nations, abolition of racial discrimination, abolition of colonialism, abolition of the veto in the Security Council, progress toward general disarmament and against hunger, and recognition of the right of young people to have an active role in the United Nations.

UN Secretary-General U Thant welcomes a Bolivian delegate to the World Youth Assembly.
U Thant welcomes a Bolivian delegate

Thant addresses the opening session of the Assembly. He is flanked by Richard Akwei of Ghana (left), chairman of the Committee for the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the United Nations, and François Pouliot of Canada, chairman of the Planning Committee for the Youth Assembly.
U Thant addresses the World Youth Assembly

Delegates to the World Youth Assembly gather for an informal meeting.
World Youth Assembly delegates

Assembly delegates dance on the UN lawn during a reception held for them by U Thant. The statue portrays the Biblical passage "They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."
World Youth Assembly dance

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