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The United Nations in 1964

For the first time since its initial session in 1946, the General Assembly omitted normal business.

The Soviet Union's right to vote was under challenge because it owed more than two years' assessments. To avoid a confrontation, the General Assembly delayed opening of its 19th session by ten weeks, to December 1. Even then, its actions were limited to policy speeches and a handful of actions, and all voting was by acclamation.

One of the few major actions taken by the General Assembly was the election of Ghana's Alex Quaison-Sackey as President of the 19th General Assembly, succeeding Dr. Carlos Sosa Rodriguez of Venezuela.
Alex Quaison-Sackey

The threat of war between Greeks and Turks on the island of Cyprus spurred the Security Council to authorize a volunteer peace force, UNFICYP, and a mediator.

United Nations troops patrol a street in Cyprus.
UN force in Cyprus

In the Year 1964

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The Robinson Library >> Political Science >> International Relations

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