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mish' on, n. (1) a group of people sent by a church into an area to carry on religious or humanitarian work; (2) the place of work of religious missionaries


Cyrus HamlinCyrus Hamlin
founded Bebek Seminary and helped establish Robert College, both in Istanbul, Turkey, and helped both institutions grow and prosper. He subsequently took Middlebury College (Vermont) from the verge of bankruptcy to financial stability.
Eli Stanley JonesEli Stanley Jones
was a Methodist Episcopal "Evangelist-at-Large" to India, and to anywhere else he might feed needed and/or wanted. For much of the 20th century he was probably the world's best-known Christian missionary and evangelist.
Robert MorrisonRobert Morrison
became the first Protestant missionary to China in 1807, and spent 26 years teaching Christianity to the Chinese using their own language, translating the Bible and other Christian works into Chinese, and writing volumes of other works in both Chinese and English.

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