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U.S. Coast Guard: A TimelineU.S. Coast Guard: A Timeline
1790 The Revenue Marine Service was established. 1863 The Revenue Marine Service was renamed the Revenue Cutter Service. 1915 The Revenue Cutter Service and Lifesaving Service were combined as the United States Coast Guard.
SPARsThe Coast Guard Women's Reserve
commonly known as SPARs, placed over 11,000 women in stateside jobs during World War II. Parachute rigger, lighthouse keeper, radio operator, and air traffic controller were just some of the jobs those women performed.
Iceberg Control in 1960Iceberg Control in 1960
In 1960 the U.S. Coast Guard Ice Patrol tried several unusual methods for destroying icebergs that posed hazards to shipping, including aerial bombing. None of the methods succeeded.
Mirror Landing SystemMirror Landing System

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