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ar til' e rE, mounted projectile-firing guns or missile launchers


Glossary of Terms
Some Artillery Firsts
Richard Jordan GatlingRichard Jordan Gatling
thought the invention of an automatic gun that could deliver a high rate of fire would reduce the number of soldiers required to man the battlefield, thus helping to reduce the number of battlefield casualties. In 1862 he patented the Gatling Gun.
Vasa CannonThe Vasa Cannon
was little more than an over-sized gun barrel laid on a wooden bench, pointed in the general direction of the target, and propped up with wooden wedges.
Armor-Piercing ShellsArmor-Piercing Shells
were first developed as an answer to the development of the tank. Their aim, of course, was to pierce the tank's armor plating. They achieved their effect by punching a hole in the armor, relying on their mass and velocity for penetration.

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