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Kantrowitz-Avco Mechanical Auxiliary Ventricle

On February 4, 1966, a permanent type of auxiliary ventricle was implanted into a patient by Dr. Adrian Kantrowitz.

Although that patient only lived one day, Dr. Kantrowitz implanted another device in a 63-year-old woman on May 22, at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. The woman died of a cerebral stroke 13 days later.

The Kantrowitz-Avco "booster heart" that was implanted inside the patient'sbody. Only the air tube and the electrodes extend through the chest wall.
Kntrowitz-Avco Mechanical Auxiliary Ventricle

Dr. Kantrowitz positions his device in a patient's chest.
implanting the Kantrowitz-Avco device

The Kantrowitz-Avco device reduces the work ofthe left ventricle by drawing in blood as the heart contracts. Then, as the heart relaxes, a signal from the heart itself triggers an external control which sends a burst of air into the unit, forcing the blood along its way.
diagram of the Kantrowitz-Avco Ventricle

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