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The DeBakey Ventricular By-Pass Pump

On April 21, 1966, Dr. Michael DeBakey implanted a partial artificial heart (which he invented) in the chest of 65-year-old Marcel De Rudder.

De Rudder died four days later from other causes, but his damaged heart valves reportedly were beginning to heal.

Dr. DeBakey inserts by-pass pump in patient's chest. Two tubes, attached to the left atrium and the aorta, are already in place.
DeBakey inserts by-pass pump

The surgery is completed, with pump in place.
by-pass surgery completed

DeBakey's device took over the function of the left ventricle. When the diaphragm in the device expands, blood from the left atrium fills the chamber. This blood is then forced into the aorta when the diaphragm contracts. The chamber's two valves prvent any backflow of blood. The power source for the unit is an external compressor.
basic diagram of DeBakey's artificial ventricle

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The Robinson Library >> Surgery

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