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repairing a torn Achilles tendon


sur' je rE, the art or work of treating diseases, injuries, or deformities by operation on the body, usually with instruments


Artificial Heart and Lung ApparatusArtificial Heart and Lung Apparatus, 1957
Heart Surgery on a DogHeart Surgery on a Dog
DeBakey Ventricular By-Pass PumpThe DeBakey Ventricular By-Pass Pump
On April 21, 1966, Dr. Michael DeBakey implanted a partial artificial heart (which he invented) in the chest of 65-year-old Marcel De Rudder.
Kantrowitz-Avco Mechanical Auxiliary VentricleKantrowitz-Avco Mechanical Auxiliary Ventricle
On February 4, 1966, a permanent type of auxiliary ventricle was implanted into a patient by Dr. Adrian Kantrowitz.
Crawford Williamson LongCrawford Williamson Long
became the first to use sulfuric ether as an anesthetic on March 30, 1842, when he removed a tumor from the neck of a patient. He did not publish his results until 1849, however, and was not recognized as the discoverer of ether as an anesthetic until a year after his death.
William Thomas Green MortonWilliam Thomas Green Morton
On September 30, 1846, Morton used sulfuric ether to remove an ulcerated tooth from a patient who reportedly experienced no pain during the procedure. On October 16, 1846, he became the first to publicly demonstrate the use of sulfuric acid as an anesthetic.

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