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brod' kast ng, the transmission of programs by radio or television


Art LinkletterArt Linkletter
co-created two of the longest-running programs in broadcast history, "People Are Funny" and "House Party." It was on the latter that he debuted a segment called "Kids Say the Darndest Things," which became one of the most popular "interview formats" in radio and television history.
Television in 1957
Television in 1958Television in 1958
The biggest television story of 1958 was the cancellation of most of the big-money quiz shows following chares that many of them were fixed. Westerns occupied four out of the top five places in the Nielsen ratings in 1958, but variety shows also enjoyed great popularity.
Television in 1959
Television in 1969Television in 1969
Television in 1979
Emmy Awards, 1979Emmy Awards, 1979
Comedy Series "Taxi." Drama Series "Lou Grant."

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