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Emmy Awards, 1979
Taxi, complete series
Lou Grant
Roots, The Next Generations
Comedy Series Taxi
Lead Actress, Comedy Series Ruth Gordon, "Sugar Mama," Taxi
Lead Actor, Comedy Series Carroll O'Connor, All in the Family
Drama Series Lou Grant
Lead Actress, Drama Series Mariette Hartley, The Incredible Hulk
Lead Actor, Drama Series Ron Liebman, Kaz
Limited Series or Special Roots, The Next Generations
Actor, Limited Series or Special Peter Strauss, The Jericho Mile
Actress, Limited Series or Special Bette Davis, Strangers: The Story of a Mother and Daughter
Oustanding Drama Special Friendly Fire
Outstanding Information Program Scared Straight
Special Achievement Award Who Are the Debolts and Where Did They Get 19 Kids?
Outstanding Children's Program Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
Outstanding Classical Program in the Performing Arts Balanchine: TV Great Performance
All in the Family
The Incredible Hulk
Friendly Fire

In the Year 1979

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