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Mount Pilatus

dragon's lair, home to a giant, and/or grave of a ruler

Located near Lucerne, Mount Pilatus is composed of several summits, the highest of which are Tomlishorn (6,982 feet) and Esel (6,952 feet).

relative location of Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus

According to one local legend, the mountain is so named because the body of Roman governor Pontius Pilate was thrown into a lake on its summit. (It is more likely, however, that the name comes from the Latin word pileatus, meaning cloud-covered). Another legend says that caves in the mountain once housed dragons, and yet another says that a petrified man stands guard in front of a cave.

A very popular tourist destination, the top of Mount Pilatus can be reached via aerial panorama gondolas and cableways (from Kriens), as well as the world's steepest cogwheel railway (from Alpnachstad). In addition to two hotels, the top of the mountain offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, trails to each of the two major summits, the longest summer toboggan track in Switzerland (0.88 miles), and the biggest suspension rope park in Central Switzerland.

aerial panorama gondola near the top of Mount Pilatus

the world's steepest cogwheel railway

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