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Faroe Islands

Foroyar; literally "sheep islands"

Location in the North Atlantic, between the Shetland Islands and Iceland

location of the Faroe Islands

map of the Faroe Islands

Total Area 538 sq mi (1,393 sq km)
Coastline 694 mi (1,117 km)
Highest Point Slaettaratindur; 2,894 ft (882 m)
Lowest Point sea level
Natural Resources hydropower, possible oil and gas

Nationality Faroese
Population (July 2015)
Largest Cities
Ethnic Groups Scandinavian
Religions Evangelical Lutheran
Languages Faroese, Danish

Capital Torshavn
Form of Government self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark
Present Constitution Adopted
March 23, 1948
Chief of State
Queen Margrethe II (since January 14, 1972);
represented by High Commissioner Dan Michael Knudsen
Head of Government
Prime Minister
Aksel V. Johannesen (September 15, 2015)
Landsstyri, appointed by the Prime Minister
unicameral Parliament (Logting)
Faroese Court (Raett)
Local Administration
34 municipalities

Currency Danish Kroner
Per Capita Income
fishing, fish processing, small ship repair and refurbishment, handicrafts
Agricultural Products
potatoes, vegetables; sheep; milk; salmon, other fish
Export Commodities fish and fish products, postage stamps
Import Commodities
goods for household consumption, machinery and transport equipment, fuels, raw materials and semi-manufactures, salt

National Holiday Olaifest (Olavsoka); July 29
white with a red cross outlined in blue extending to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted toward the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog (Danish flag); referred to as Merkid, meaning "the banner" or "the mark," the flag resembles those of neighboring Iceland and Norway, and uses the same three colors, but in a different sequence; white represents the clear Faroese sky as well as the foam of the waves; red and blue are traditional Faroese colors

flag of Faroe Islands

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The Robinson Library >> General and Old World History >> Northern Europe >> Denmark >> Regions, Provinces, Islands, Etc.

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