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Republic of San Marino

Repubblica di San Marino

Location eastern Italy
Bordered By Italy

location of San Marino

map of San Marino

Area 24 sq mi (61 sq km)
Highest Point Monte Titano, 2,477 ft (755 m)
Lowest Point Torrente Ausa, 180 ft (55 m)
Natural Resources building stone

Nationality Sanmarinese
Population (July 2015)
Largest Cities San Marino
Ethnic Groups Sanmarinese, Italian
Religions Roman Catholic
Languages Italian

Capital San Marino
Form of Government republic
Chief of State Co-chiefs of State Captain Regent Stefano Palmieri and Captain Regent Matteo Ciacci (since April 1, 2018)
Head of Government Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs Pasquale Valentini (since December 5, 2012)
Cabinet Congress of State elected by the Grand and General Council
Legislature unicameral Grand and General Council (Consiglio Grande e Generale)
Judiciary Council of Twelve (Consiglio dei XII)
Local Administration 9 municipalities (castelli)

Currency Euro
Per Capita Income
Industries tourism, banking, textiles, electronics, ceramics, cement, wine
Agricultural Products wheat, grapes, corn, olives; cattle, pigs, horses, beef, cheese, hides
Export Commodities building stone, lime, wood, chestnuts, wheat, wine, baked goods, hides, ceramics
Import Commodities consumer manufactures, food, energy

Origin of Name named for a (possibly legendary) stonemason who fled to Mount Titano around AD 301 or 305 from his home on the island of Arbe in modern-day Croatia to order to escape Roman persecution
National Holiday
Founding of the Republic, September 3 (A.D. 301)
Flag the main colors derive from the shield of the coat of arms, which features three white towers on three peaks on a blue field; the towers represent three castles built on San Marino's highest feature, Mount Titano: Guaita, Cesta, and Montale; the coat of arms is flanked by a wreath, below a crown and above a scroll bearing the word LIBERTAS (Liberty); the white and blue colors are also said to stand for peace and liberty respectively

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