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  General and Old World HistoryFrance, Andorra, MonacoMonaco
Principality of Monaco

Principaute de Monaco

map of MonacoLocation Mediterranean coast of France
Bordered By France
Area 0.58 sq mi (1.49 sq km)
Coastline 2.5 mi (4.1 km)
Highest Point Mont Agel; 459 ft (140 m)
Lowest Point Mediterranean coast; sea level

Natural Resources none

Nationality Monegasque
Population (July 2012 est)
Largest Cities Monaco, Monte Carlo
Ethnic Groups French, Monegasque, Italian
Religions Roman Catholic (official)
Languages French (official), English, Italian, Monegasque

Capital Monaco
Form of Government constitutional monarchy
Present Constitution Adopted December 17, 1962
Chief of State
Prince Albert II (since April 6, 2005)
Head of Government Minister of State Michel Roger (since March 29, 2010)
Cabinet Council of Government under the authority of the monarch
Legislature unicameral National Council (Conseil National)
Supreme Court (Tribunal Supreme)
Administrative Divisions

Currency Euro
Per Capita Income
Industries tourism, construction, small-scale industrial and consumer products
Agricultural Products none
Export Commodities none
Import Commodities none

National Holiday Saint Rainier's Day, November 19 (1857)
Flag the colors are those of the ruling House of Grimaldi and have been in use since 1339, making it one of the world's oldest national banners

flag of Monaco

Prince Albert II

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