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Principality of Andorra

Principat d'Andorra

Location on the border between France and Spain
Area 175 sq mi (453 sq km)
Greatest Distance N-S 16 mi (26 km)
Greatest Distance E-W 19 mi (31 km)
Highest Point Coma Pedrosa; 9,665 ft (2,946 m)
Lowest Point Riu Runer; 2,756 ft (840 m)
Natural Resources hydropower, mineral water, timber, iron ore, lead

map of Andorra

Nationality Andorran
Population (July 2013 est)
Largest Cities Andorra la Vella
Ethnic Groups Spanish, Andorran
Religions Roman Catholic
Languages Catalan (official), French, Castilian, Portuguese

Capital Andorra la Vella
Form of Government parliamentary democracy
Chiefs of State
French Coprince Emmanuel Macron (since May 14, 2017) and Spanish Coprince Archbishop Joan-Enric Vives i Sicilia (since May 12, 2003)
Head of Government Cap de Govern Antoni Marti Petit (since April 1, 2015)
Cabinet Executive Council designated by the Cap de Govern
Legislature unicameral General Council of the Valleys (Consell General de las Valls)
Supreme Court of Justice (Tribunal Superior de la Justicia d'Andorra); Constitutional Court (Tribunal Constitucional)
Administrative Divisions
7 parishes

Currency Euro
Per Capita Income
Industries tourism, banking, tobacco, cattle raising, timber, furniture
Agricultural Products rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables; sheep
Export Commodities tobacco products, furniture
Import Commodities consumer goods, food, electricity

National Holiday Our Lady of Meritxell Day, September 8 (1278)
Flag three vertical bands of blue, yellow, and red, with the national coat of arms centered in the yellow band; the coat of arms features a quartered shield with the emblems of Urgell, Foix, Bearn, and Catalonia; the motto reads VIRTUS UNITA FORTIOR (Strength United is Stronger); the flag combines the blue and red French colors with the red and yellow of Spain to show Franco-Spanish protection

flag of Andorra

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