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The Trial of Francis Gary Power

Exhibit of objects said to have been found on Powers' person and in the plane after it crashed on Soviet territory on May 1, 1960.
objects from plane

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev at a press conference in Moscow where the objects from Powers and his plane were being displayed.

Francis Gary Powers pleaded guilty at his trial, which began in Moscow on August 27, 1960.
Francis Gary Powers

General view of the court, which was held at the Trade Union House in Moscow. Powers was tried before a three-man tribunal made up of members of the military division of the Soviet Supreme Court. About 2,000 spectators were presented.

Powers in the prisoner's box. Sitting at right in front of Powers is M.I. Grinyov, Powers' court-appointed attorney. The official charge against Powers was "criminal responsibility for crimes against the state."
Powers in prisoner's box

View of the press gallery at the trial. Foreign newsmen were given earphones which provided simultaneous translations of the proceedings.
foreign newsmen

Barbara Powers, wife of Francis Gary Powers, at a press conference in Moscow before the trial. Powers' parents were also permitted to attend the trial.
Barbara Powers

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